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Xlovecam Introduction & History

Glamorous, stylish, friendly, intuitive, features rich, full of charming performers, these are just few words to describe one of the most popular adult live sex cams videochat platform. Yes, we talk about Xlovecam, that goes also by it’s shorter alias Xlove.com and many other alternative domains or niche websites, but I’ll go into more details as we go further with the review.

Xlovecam was launched in 2006 and it rapidly became known especially in the European market, I saw it first time in 2007 when there was only 50 models online or so, and most were speaking French, probably due to the large number of French speaking customers. I thought “Hm it’s looking promising, hope they’ll nail it”. Well after 10 years, it’s clearly that they did it. You can still see many snapshots of Xlovecam since 2006 to present by using waybackmachine (archive.org) just in case you would like to find out more about their history.

For years Xlovecam has used an Adobe Flash interface, which was fast and had a nice feel and flow according to webmasters that reviewed the website in the past, is just that as the website became larger, the flash interface started to cause some problems, crushing the browser, taking too much computer resources and so on, therefore affecting user experience. More recently as mobile usage exploded, flash was probably no longer a viable solution.

However flash is almost history on Xlovecam, I mean they still use it for the live streaming, but in the rest the website is flash free. Even if you don’t have flash installed in your browser, you can still see the live sex cam models; the quality is somehow lower in comparison with flash version, but still good enough. At the date of this review I think all big cam sites are still using flash to show performers live webcam, at-least for desktop computers, but they all are looking into finding a good alternative solution.

Xlovecam Interface and UX

The first impression when I revisited Xlovecam (after a long time), was like a cold shower, I also came up with some preconceptions after reading other Xlovecam reviews, some outdated, but even the newer ones doesn’t say it all or accurate enough, or it may be just my different way of looking into things. I often used to quote Steve Maraboli – “Your opinion is not my reality”, it was like one of those many cases when a friend is telling you his experience after watching a movie, and when you finally also get to watch that movie, you have a completely different view on it. I was like “What the hell they are talking about?”

I was expecting to find that old red flashy interface, that for many was too much for the eyes, also it was crushing from time to time, especially with older computers, with those tiny texts that were hard to read on smaller screens, I was thinking “They still don’t have many features, what I am gonna to review?”… Well what I found it really was for me a pleasant surprise (to not exaggerate much, because it was like “WOW – it’s really impressive”). Xlovecam goes for some time with a modern interface, fully responsive that loads very fast, the front end it’s also easy to understand, intuitive, with all the important elements right in front your eyes.

If you are feeling somehow nostalgic you can still access the old Xlovecam interface, they are proving a link to it, top-right area of the front page. Personally I prefer the new one!

On Xlovecam the top side menu is used for accessing the online models list, videos page, awards and to display the information about customer account. Also you may find there buttons for Registration or to login into your member account. Left side is used to search by model name or to sort the live chathosts list by a tons of precise filters. We name just a few: Categories, Language that models are speaking, Price for private show, Age, Eye Color etc.

It’s also possible to change the live models thumb display to make the performers images smaller or bigger, there are 3 presets at your choice. Near these options you can choose to display a live preview snapshot that updates pretty often instead of model profile pic. I find this feature is very useful for many visitors and customers, in order to see exactly how the model is looking at that point in time. We all know that a profile pic can look astonishing, but once we access the live chat room, we may be disappointed.

Even if you still prefer the profile pics, instead of a live snapshot, you could still see the live action by mouse over online models thumbs.

If you are feeling somehow nostalgic you can still access the old Xlovecam interface, they are proving a link to it, top-right area of the front page. Personally I prefer the new one!

The main body of the interface, as you probably expect is full of gorgeous live webcam girls and boys (sometimes shemales hehehe ) and you can scroll down for more and more online performers, hundreds online at any time. In each thumb you can see information about model nickname, rating stars, number of loves (Loves are something specific to Xlovecam, any visitor or customer can give a love to a model, like an appreciation point, or a “like” if you prefer, this is different from the rating system, where customer can give stars after a private show), you can also see information about the languages that a model speak as well as an HD icon that indicates if the model broadcast in high quality or not.

Xlovecam is translated in more than 25 languages and it seems to load automatically according to user browser language preference or user ip, I don’t know for sure. I mean I’ve accessed the website using a vpn, once from USA and English (American) was served, the other time from Europe (Netherlands) and Dutch language was loaded. However, if the system is wrong when picking your language, you can also manually switch the language from the footer menu, left side.

In the footer area of Xlovecam sex cam website you can visualize a history list of the models you’ve watch in their live chat room, also in another tab you can view your favorite models, this is a feature available for registered members. The rest of the website footer is filled with common information that are present on any respectable live cam platform, things like: help, customer support, private information, user agreement, company information, online safety and so on. Not to forget there also links (buttons) for Models and Webmasters pointing to models registration page or affiliates website Xlovecash.

If you want to go mobile, Xlovecam won’t disappoint you, in fact they even won several awards, in the recent years, including in 2016, for the Best Mobile Interface. The smartphone version of the camsite is simplified but you can still find most of the important options that any customer would need. It’s possible also to swipe left or right to visit the next or previous model. I tested it with my Android 6.0.1 phone with default and Chrome browser and it’s working pretty smoothly. You can see bellow a screenshot with the XLove Cam interface for mobile devices.

Xlovecam Live Chat Room

Xlovecam it’s featuring a robust live chat room, loading over the main online models list and presented in a generous default size, I think it’s around 800×600 pixels, that can be re-sized, even in full screen if you want without the need of a member account. This feature is usually reserved for customers on other adult videochat websites. The live chat window also re-size itself depending on your browser window size, 🙂 the beauty of responsiveness I guess. The classic text chat goes on the right side, with the option to increase/decrease font size as well as hiding the whole chat probably for the moments when you want just to see the action.


I’ve tested over 100 online chat rooms, from my desktop computer, with both USA and Holland VPN’s, man, it really loads super fast, it’s true that I also have a high speed internet connection, but still I was surprised, after all we talk about live streaming, I would have expected 1-2-3 seconds for some rooms to load, but no, almost all of them were instant. They really did a great job with this aspect. Another great job is the high number of features available for simple visitors that you usually expect to have after registration, we already spoke about being able to switch the view into full screen, but beside that, you can also Zoom the live camera, adjust colors/saturation/brightness/contrast, send smiles and likes (loves) without having an account.

Another positive factor about Xlovecam live chat room design, is that you can find out all the necessary info about the online performer without leaving the action. The same page is organized in tabs, and any tab you access (beside Purchase Credits that opens in new window) you can still see the chathost in real time and also the text chat. That’s really a big plus, having the model always in your sight, being sure you won’t miss any part of the performance.

As I said, from the same window/box you can check Model Pictures, Bio information, Videos if available, Model Schedule or planning as they put it which is something interesting as it’s actually a statistics based on how the models was working in the last 45 days, stats that somehow are predicting when it’s more likely to find that performer online today or near the future, around 10 days I think. Really, really good feature as we know that many models don’t have a stable schedule, in my case it rarely happen to find a model online at the times she written in her profile page. A list of Comments left by other customers it’s also available on the same line, these are basically like short review after a private show with that performer with the appropriate rating score (up to 5 stars) for each comment. Once you create a member account and load some credits you can also send a private offline message to a model and she or he will be able to respond.

There are other details about Xlovecam Live Chat Room but I think I’ve covered the most important elements, I let you discover the rest by yourself, I’ll close this chapter by adding that you can go to another live model by pressing the left or right arrow, the arrows are functioning like a back/forward based on the online models order.

About Xlovecam Performers

The website feature more than 100,000 registered models and from what my models friends have told me, on Xlovecam is not possible to go with more than one account at the same time, considering this, that’s a really impressive number of models. When it comes to what’s online, I’ve checked Xlovecam live models list at different times, for several days, there were about 350 to 500+ models online, with an average of 400 online models at any give time. There are spikes in the maximum number of models starting in the evening and during night till around 3-4AM (GMT time zone).

Performers are sorted out into 12 main Categories: Girls, Ladies, Mature Female, Couples, Lesbians, Fetish Female, Threesome, Foursome, Transsexual, Transsexual Couples, Boys, Male Couples; with Girls category being most populated, but also in most of the other categories you can find a decent number of live performers with the exception maybe of Threesome, Foursome and Male couples, were there are only 1-2 online or none at all. Personally I’m into Girls, it’s not a big deal for me, but still for the other people that might have different preferences would be nice to see more live models in these categories as well.

About the Girls there are many, many, absolutely astonishing, majority looks to be Eastern European, Russians and Latin American, but that’s not all, as you can also find live girls from Asia or even USA, not to talk about the rest of the beautiful European girl.

Majority of mesmerizing ladies that are broadcasting live on Xlove Cam, are friendly, they speak acceptable English and many can communicate in more than one language with French, Italian, Spanish being next to English. I like the fact that there are so many live performers set into action so to say, smiling, entertaining their visitors with sexy prelude, chatting etc.. I mean you don’t see that often bored, sad models, that “sleep” in front of their customers.

I was in a private show with 3 different Girls from Xlovecam and I was even surprised that 2 of them were naked and performing in less than 20 seconds without me asking for it hahaha. I said myself “WTF?” and tell them “Hold on beautiful lady, I’m not that kind of customer, let’s have a chat first, let’s find out a bit more about each-other preferences before going into the action.”… From what I understood, it seems to be many customers on Xlovecam, especially European ones that don’t like to talk too much, they’re more into direct action, so in time the girls tend to think that everyone wants that. Anyway if you are also into that kind of smart erotic conversation, just stop the girl and explain what you would like to do/see and everything will go smooth.

Ladies and Matures categories feature hot moms, cougars so to say, experienced sexy ladies, that have seen it all in their life, you can be sure that you’ll have an interesting experience with most of them.

For the Fetish sex cams lovers, Xlovecam offers around 20+ live chathosts, I only saw female hosts in the Fetish category, no man or shemale, really good looking ladies, some in their twenties, some over 35-40, but still looking very hot, all with an appropriate outfit and room decoration. If you are into female domination, BDSM or looking for your dream Mistress, Xlovecam fetish category might be what you are looking for.

Xlovecam Boys category feature both Straight and Gay performers, there are around 10 to 20 online, majority looks to be European and Hispanic, some of them are really fit, big muscles all over, I saw a performer doing his daily fitness exercises while online, cool stuff, but than I’m not into Boys, however if you have something to add about this Xlovecam category don’t hesitate to leave a comment at the bottom of this review.

Not at the last the Shemale category, or Transsexual as they put it, personally I’m more into LadyBoy term, feature a nice selection of Asian, Latin American and European shemale performers, with Asians being in majority, around 15 to 30 online, some of them looking really feminine, face and body, I mean unless you see what’s under the pants it’s really hard to know that she used to be a man in the past. Anyway some of the ladyboys are mind blowing, you’ll see it for yourself if you are into this type of action.

I’ll close this chapter by saying that more than 70% of the live chat cams I’ve checked on Xlovecam are with good quality, better than what you can see in average, with some being really high quality. Looks like the whole video chat industry took things to all new level, that’s great for the consumer. On Xlovecam it’s also possible to filter by models based on their quality rating, check the Sorting option from the left side filters menu and pick HD Videos.

Free and Membership features

You know that old saying “The best things in life are free”, which was actually a popular song in the 20ies, then a musical film in the 50ies, well the guys behind X Love Cam seems to be guided by this quote, I mean I saw several features that usually you have to pay or at least to create a verified member account to get it, while on Xlovecam are completely FREE. I already mention some of these features in a previous chapter, like being able to give a like (love) even as guest, or switching the live chat window into full screen, adjusting colors, sending smileys in text chat, beside these, you can also add models to favorites with a member account which takes less than 10 seconds to create, no verification or activation required (for activation you get access to a VIP video of your choice), there are also thousands of Free recorded videos (some are VIP but there also tons of free ones), with a free customer account it’s also possible to send a message to any model you want, offline message like an email. As a registered member with credits in your account, you don’t have to pay extra for cam2cam for example (sending also your webcam and voice to the model during private xxx show).

To make things easier I’ve created a list of most important features that are Free and what comes extra once you load credits into your Xlove Cam customer account.

Free features

  •  Registration is completely Free, and at least for the countries I tested from, no email validation or activation is required
  •  Free video and text chat, with many features available completely free, most of the times models are not showing explicit nudity for free, but you can see many of them Topless for example, during the Monday’s Topless event or even more explicit shows if the Performer receive tips (bonus credits it’s called here) or if the model is requested to perform a paid Action like a striptease for example
  •  Tons of filters available: categories, sorting options, tags, age, price filters, eye color, hair color, ethnicity, height, weight, bust size, chat type: free or private, language spoken by models, plus the search by model name feature, that in my opinion can be improved by being able to search anything on the website, not only by model name (maybe in the future).
  •  Free live cam recorded videos available for free, just go to Videos page, and sort the page to display only the free recordings (Type of Video >> Free videos)
  •  Free to view pictures and model bio information (VIP Pictures also available)
  •  Send Loves to any Model, no member account needed (Loves are similar with Likes)
  •  Adding Models to Favorites (free registration required)
  •  Sending offline messages to any Model (free registration required)
  •  View History of Models that you recently visited in live chat
  •  Access to a VIP video of your choice once you validate your member account, via email link, more VIP videos are offered for free when you buy a higher credits package.
  •  Free cam2cam feature in private show, no extra costs

Paid features

  •  You pay to take any model in a private sex show, performers can set their own price per minute and you can also sort the online list by rates. Read more about Xlovecam average rates in the next chapter
  •  An extra amount is paid if you want to have an exclusive private show (Xclusive), not all Xlovecam chathosts may have this feature enabled, but if they do, it means that once you take the performer private, no other customers can join or disturb you and model during the show. Rates may vary from model to model.
  •  Take a peek (sneakpeek) into an ongoing private show, with any model that has this feature on, usually it costs under a buck and you can watch what is going on inside for 20 seconds or so. This may be very useful for customers, once for seeing the action like a voyeur and second to save money, because the Sneakpeek price in almost all cases is smaller than price per minute. With the SneakPeek you can save between few cents and up to $2-3, on each model you check it out in the sex show.
  •  You can send Tips to any live or offline webcam model on Xlovecam, you can pick up from several predefined amounts, it’s also possible to set a custom amount. At Xlove Cam, Tips are called Bonus, and you can find the option in the Live Sex Chat page (top right corner), or Model Bio information, Bonus Tab.
  •  View VIP area of any X Love Cam performer that has this feature enabled, in the VIP area you can find content like Pictures and Videos which usually are more explicit and better quality in comparison with Free Pictures/Videos. The rates vary depending on each model, it’s a monthly fee, usually varying from $10 to $20 per month. Of course you can unsubscribe any time you want from your Xlovecam member account options – VIP subscriptions.
  •  Impress any model by sending Virtual Gifts, or Request an Action to be performed directly in the Free xxx live chat, or send Vibrations to model Smart sex toys (like Ohmibod) or any other sex toy that is sound sensitive. This looks to be a newer interactive feature that I’ve saw more recently and it can be really entertaining. I think models has to enable themselves these features as I saw is not available for every livechat host. For Virtual Gifts things like Roses, Teddy Bear, Diamond, Cocktail etc are available, while for Actions you can request model to remove Bra, to Dance, to Strip and some more. With Vibrations sent directly to Model smart sex toy, short or long vibrations, things can get really nasty even in Free Chat, especially if multiple members are joining the party so to say hehehe

Beside Free and Paid features list, there is also the Topless Monday’s, basically an Xlovecam Event that takes place each Monday, between specific hours (usually around 10 hours), where live sex girls performers attending this Party show their naked boobs directly in free chat. Things can get really hot during the Topless event, especially if the models receive tips, actions or vibrations in their sex toys, is like the next best thing besides going to a Strip Club.

It’s interesting also to keep an eye on Xlovecam Daily Top 5, which is an Award system for Models, first 5 performers that gets the most number/amount of Bonus (tips) get extra rewards in money like 200Euros for first place, 100Euros for second place and so on. Usually those models that win are more popular among the customers, meaning they’ll probably do something more special and it may worth to check them out, also if you have a favorite model you can help her achieve a better position in the TOP by tipping her more often.

Prices & Packages & Payment options

Well, I’m ready to write about the chapter that “hurts” the most, so to speak, but don’t worry, Xlovecam it’s NOT that kind of sex cam adult website to rip you off, Models here have more than decent rates (price per minute of private xxx show) that are placed somewhere in the middle of what Live Cams industry is practicing. I can also add that Xlove Cam, like any other important player in the sex cams market are very serious about customer protection, privacy, safety.

In the way Xlove Cam system was build, basically the Models are charging the Customer, Studios and Independent models can set their own rate per minute, that may differ from country to country (or better said from a currency to another). In this case X Love Cam being a platform that provide a technology service and payment solutions to both Members and Models.

Another important aspect to be added would be that their currency system was originally in Euros (€), in present Xlovecam is using multiple currencies like: American Dollars ($), Canadian Dollars (CAD), UK Pounds (£), Swiss Franc (CHF); Their payment system is automated and will load the currency assigned for your country with the appropriate conversion rates (that I think are updating daily) from Euros to your assigned currency. You basically buy credits and the ration is 1 to 1 when it comes to Euros, 50 credits for 50€, if you are in the United States for example and you are using $ , then you might pay a bit more for the same amount of credits, ie: $55 for 50 credits. Also the packages costs might differ depending on the payment method you are using, I noticed that if I try to use Paysafecard for example, I get bit less credits, something like 45 credits for 50€.

Xlovecam system offer a multitude of payout options, it’s almost impossible to not find one that match your preferences. Major Credits Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, JCB, Discover etc), via Epoch (well known and trusted third party payment processor being around since ‘96), many other adult webcam sites are using Epoch, it seems they also have their own payout credit card processing system, CCMedia with years of white history, you can also load credits in your Xlove member account by Telephone, Bank Transfer, Paypal, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, SOFORT, IDeal etc. Payment solutions looks to be different from country to country, as I said earlier I’ve checked the website from multiple locations using a VPN service, and the payout page was slightly different, there were more payment options for European location in comparison with USA location.

Default Credit Card packages are plain and simple: 25, 50, 100 sometimes you may find also a 150 package. By using other payment alternatives you may get a credit package starting from as low as 5$ and up to $100 or more, or you can load your balance using the phone and being charged by the minute. Everything is clear and simple, detailed, at Xlovecam purchase credits page.

Individual Models rates, can start from as low as $0.99 per minute and it can go up to several $ per minute, however when I’ve checked out using the Rates filter that Xlovecam is providing, there were only 5 only Models with a price per minute higher than $4, the average price, being somewhere between $1.60 to $2.00 per minute.

Bonus (Tips) also starts from as low $1 and it can go up to any amount you wish that has to be available in your account balance.

Monthly rate for VIP area of a model that has this feature active, may start from as low $5 per month, you can easily subscribe/unsubscribe, monthly rate will be charged from your existing account balance, if there are no credits available, you’ll be automatically unsubscribed from the VIP areas you selected to watch.

When it comes to Virtual Gifts or Actions that you can give to live models from their online cam chat room, I’ve rarely saw expensive rates for a Diamond or Ring, as for Virtual Gift it’s like a Tip – $1 or so in average, the difference is you are rewarded also with some nice animation over the screen, that all other customers will see it, probably model as well. Actions prices may vary from $1 to 5$ or more depending on it’s type, usually requesting a Strip show in free chat is a bit more expensive in comparison with normal Dance or taking the Bra off, or requesting a sexy erotic position from the performer. For the interactive toys, short and long vibration, models on Xlovecam usually charge $1 for short one and around $2-3 for the long vibration that makes the toy shacking for around 3seconds or so.

What I like about Xlove Cam and in general about well made live webcams networks is that all the prices are clearly presented, it simply pop right into your eyes, you can’t really miss it. For the private show for example, beside the usual location (right after pressing the Private show button from any model live chat room – it pops right in the middle of the screen), you can also see each performer rates in their bio information page (Model Information Tab from any camchat room).

If you are looking for specific rates, for example is known that new models may use a lower rate to increase the chances to get more popular on the network in a shorter amount of time, and fresh new charismatic models are always welcomed by customers; you can use the Rates filter from the left side menu and pick a lower one. With the same logic in mind more experienced Models, that knows very well what an XloveCam customer would want to see, may set a slightly higher price per minute for their erotic and explicit performance. Just play with the Rates filter options and find out what is more suitable for you.

In the case you wonder how the Private Show interface looks like, it’s very similar with the what you see before going in the actual xxx cam show, but more features are added, like being able to send also you webcam and voice to the model, you can also see your current credits in real time and of course you can add more credits without having to leave the show (in the case your account balance it’s running low). Just check out the screen-shots bellow to have an idea.

Private Live Sex Show with AmyRides from Xlovecam


Private XXX Webcam Show with NEW Xlove performer – RetornMyLove


Xlovecam Customers Support

With any kind of problem that may arise with the camsite usage, like technical issues payments, model related issues or any kind of situation that is related to the website activity, Xlovecam put at your disposal a dedicated Support team that is online NON-STOP – 24/7/365.

I tested few times the support team, sometimes with annoying questions, from several different member accounts (free accounts mostly and one paid) just to test their reactions. The experience was professional enough for me, especially that some of the questions were kind of stupid, like “How do I see the girls naked?” or “Can I use my friend credit card to buy credits?” hehehe. There were also some technical questions, related to browser, flash player, internet connection and they were able to handle pretty well. It’s also possible to let them access your PC via Teamviewer, just if you want too, for the cases the issue is not so clear. I haven’t went that far just for the reason that my problems were “fake”, there were absolutely no real issues with my computer or internet connection and the camsite didn’t created any browser crushes whatsoever.

I think there are also different levels of support, so in the case one won’t be able to realize the kind of issue you have, they’ll transfer you to a more experienced technical person.

Anyway, in any case don’t hesitate to contact them either by Live Chat or by email, they answer pretty quickly.

Pros and Cons

Personally I like to focus on positive aspects, and less on negative ones, however each individual is different, and we all know that in any situation, things can’t be always “milk and honey”, nothing is perfect. When it comes to Xlovecam definitely it has much more pros than cons, and I like the fact that they constantly improving the platform and their services in general. Huge difference from what I saw few years ago in comparison with present days.


  • Simple, friendly, responsive interface, colors that won’t hurt your eyes in the present version, easy to find everything you need
  • Free Live Sex Chat with no time limitation (if you create a free member account or simply refresh the page if any message appear)
  • Many other features are truly free, even without a member account
  • Large number of online performers and acceptable variety
  • Registering a free member account takes less than 20 seconds
  • Acceptable number of High Quality, High-Resolution live sex cams
  • Reasonable prices for all services that models are providing
  • Awarded Mobile Interface, several times, different years
  • Support available 24/7

 *Cons(Or better said, things would be nice to see in the future)

  • Missing option to search entire website, not only by model name, I mean by any keyword, maybe I want to search something specific that is written in models profile page, for example: “I take tennis lessons” (I always dreamed to see a beautiful tennis player naked hahaha), anyway, you get the point
  • Mobile version doesn’t have all the features that are available for the desktop version, however it has the important ones, probably they’ll improve in time. My solution if I wanted some special option etc was to request desktop website instead, on my Android I use Chrome for most of the browsing activity. The live chat streams will load even if you don’t have flash player.
  • In some exotic categories like Foursome, Shemale Couples etc, there are time intervals were there are no online models available or just a few, like maximum 5 or so.
  • Missing offline social interaction – in modern days I would like to see more offline social interaction, like on any mainstream social network but adult oriented, with models posting things like texts, images, videos, links etc.. in a time-line or personal wall if you prefer, and the customers to be able to reply, you get the idea. That’s something missing on many big cam sites, but I have a hunch that things will change near the future.
  • There are still many chat rooms where French language is predominant, but most of the livecam models will reply also in English or other language they might speaks, however when there are several mixed languages is hard to feel that chatting frenzy when other guests are being silly, or someone makes a good joke or an interesting comment and so on. Maybe some kind of translator on customers side would help? Dunno!
  • No News section for Customers, would be nice to have some news, about new models, new features, changes etc, I’m sure that they send newsletters but… hey.. with all those spam filters, how many of these newsletters actually arrive in the Inbox? Beside that, for addicts like me, that spends a lot of time on adult sex cams networks and also writing reviews, would be nice to see some history, to better understand how things evolved in time.
  • Would be nice to have some smartphone app for both (Android and IOS), an app that beside the common browsing and so on, to be able to send also mobile notification of your choice, for example to get notified when one of your favorite model goes live, or a specific performer you select.. also to get notified when you receive a message from a model.

Xlovecam Conclusion

The conclusion is that I can’t believe how much I’ve written about Xlovecam live camsite, but seriously, it really impressed me with the new look and huge number of sexy beauties. So if you are looking for a simple to use live sex website, with gorgeous amateur and studio sex chat performers, many free features, with decent prices for private shows and well picked global features, Xlovecam should definitely be one of your TOP choices.


Glamorous, stylish, friendly, intuitive, features rich, full of charming performers, these are just few words to describe one of the most popular adult live sex cams videochat platform. Yes, we talk about Xlovecam, that goes also by it’s shorter alias Xlove.com and many other alternative domains or niche websites.


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