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  • Multiple Categories
  • SneakPeek
  • Favorites
  • Top/Awards
  • Free registration

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  • Multilingual
  • VIP
  • Fan-Clubs
  • Free content
  • Responsive

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  • Events
  • Cam2Cam
  • Search / Sorting / Filters / Tags
  • HD Webcams
  • Mobile Friendly

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  • Tips
  • Internal Messaging
  • Interactive Sex Toys
  • Live preview
  • FullScreen Cams


Visit-x Introduction & History

Right from the start, I would like to say about Visit-X, that it’s the German pearl of adult live cams industry, with over 15 years of presence in the market. An old school, sex cams zone, that is build more like a Private Club, full of Western European hotties, German, Dutch models and other nationalities as well. You will notice right from the start that almost all online amateur performers can speak/chat in Deutsch. It doesn’t seems to be a mandatory condition for models that join Visit-X platform, but rather it might be due to the large number of German customers. Some of the live chat-hosts don’t even communicate in English (it’s not selected in their profile), just to get an idea.

Visit-X was put in motion around 1998-1999, I didn’t even knew at that time, about live sex cams, my pimples were just started to fade away and I was busy even stressed about finishing with the hightschool final exams. First time when I’ve found Visit-X was back in 2001-2002 and if I remember well there was around 50 models online, but I was really just scratching the surface at that time, as a regular visitor, joining the private area years later.

In present Visit-x network seems to have headquarters not only in Germany but in other countries as well, like Netherlands and Switzerland. With a number of online amateurs that vary between 200 and 400+, with models that are hard to find in other places, VisitX is a must have for any live cams lover.

Visit-x Interface and UX

When you’ll first visit the desktop version Visit-X, you might have the impression that the sex cam website is somehow frozen in time, being powered by a classic old fashion, non responsive interface. However the VisitX layout for desktop computers have all the necessary elements for a modern live webcams related website. Tons of filters, sorting options, search by model name, events, multiple languages, fanshop, VIP area and many other things that we’ll describe later with more details.

In contrast, the mobile friendly version is modern and fully responsive, simplified but with most of the important features present and bigger size live models thumbs, up to four per line, depending on your device screen resolution and orientation.

For visitors that prefer the responsive layout they could also access it from home pc using this address: http://m.visit-x.net


Both interfaces are easy to navigate and have fast loading times, we tested it from several countries.

Visit-X adult webcams live chat platform it’s translated in six different languages, you won’t miss the flag like buttons which are placed in visible spots in both layouts. Beside American and UK English, German, Spanish, Italian and French are available as well.

By default the camsite will display the models with a live snapshot of their current activity, which updates pretty often, around 1 minute I think, so you don’t have to access each live chat room to see what is going on in the sex chat room. Also if you want to be sure, you could over the mouse over any snapshot and a real time video preview will be served.

Five main categories are available on VisitX and each comes with multiple sub-categories. In order to access the advanced filters that will enable you to sort the live performers by Age, Hair Color, Height and so on, you need to create a member account, registration is FREE.

The online models list is presented in small thumbs with pagination, with four models per row in the desktop layout and sixteen live cams per page. On mouse over each thumbs you’ll get some addition info written by chathosts that looks to be about what they are offering in their representation. You won’t get a live video preview on mouse over. The thumbs may also contain various icons that are indicators for features available, like HD video, free video preview, audio etc. You can access all the profile pages even without a free member account. Bio pages are rich in details, you can find out many useful extra info about each model, also you can watch a recorded video presentation (video profile) that is present on majority of profiles, plus some free photos. Extra video/photos content it’s available both paid or free but with registration and VIP access.


Visit-x Live Chat Room


As I mentioned earlier, Visit-X is more like a private club, therefore the access in the live chat rooms is not FREE, the only way you could see a live model is to either buy credits and visit their VIDEOCHAT room, or to buy VIP access that cost around 10€ per month. With the VIP access you can get to watch live videochat previews with all the models that enabled this option, there are many.

Age verification it’s also required for watching explicit nudity in video chat sessions, Visit-X offer several methods for getting verified, but yeah, it’s an extra step to be done, in order to enjoy live sex.

A bit cheaper option to view the models would be the VOYEUR CHAT, but this is more like annonimoyus view, you won’t be able to communicate with the performer.

The most accesible way to view most of the models it’s still the VIP membership, considering that many models has the live preview option active.

There is also a TEXT CHAT only option, which is completely free, could be useful to get in connection with the model to check out her/his disposition and so on.

Once you access the paid VIDEO CHAT area of a live model, the live chat room will open in a new window, the default live video feed box don’t have a generous size, it’s around 600×450 pixels but it works to resize the entire browser window (the video will resize as well) at any dimensions that are suitable for your preferences. There is also an option to see the stream in full screen mode and it’s located in the top-right side of the chat window.

Live and Private VideoChat room with Realtreflena


Right beside the full screen button there is the audio volume control widget, that will go green if the chathost enabled audio. In the screenshots I’ve presented here, none of the models had audio on (that’s why the button is grey in these examples).Bellow these buttons you will find a list with useful features to enhace the interactivity and video chat session experience in general, you can enable for example Cam2Cam at no extra costs for a 2 way video/audio conference, you can zoom the video feed several steps, but of course it’s digital zoom and image quality will decrease the more you zoom in. An interesting feature that I haven’t seen on many camsites, consist in the capability to upload an image (or more), that model can see right away. You can also request a single chat session from the model, this will ensure complete privacy for you and the model, no other customer being able to join the videochat room, but the perform has to accept it first and also it may come at extra costs.

Paid Video Chat session with Sweetcherry18 from Visit-X


From the same list with options you can rate the live cam model with up to 5 stars and also send Chat Dollars as they call it, which are like Tips. Clicking on the Chat Dollar does nothing, this is probably a precaution method to ensure that customers won’t give away their money without intention, you have to drag the Dollar image into the video box in order to send the Tip and be charged from your balance.The text chat is simple, there are no visible options to emphaze the text in any way, you can only send smiles. To leave the live video chat session you can close the browser window or press the Quit button (last option from the list). I recommend using the Quit button as some extra options are avaible after, like being able to send an email to the model, to rank in case you forgot or to add it to your favorites. The email option won’t work in all cases, for some you will need VIP access. Read later on about all the benefits that comes with the VIP membership.

About Visit-X Models

The majority of VisitX live sex chat performers are Western European, with a large number of German models, you can check out each performer nationality in their profile page. Most of the times there are more than 200 online and going up to more than 400 live cams during rush hours. We estimate a number over 50,000 of unique registered webcam hosts.

The adult cam site it’s sorting the online sex webcams under five main categories: Girls, Boys, Couples, Fetish and Live-Dates. On the same line there is also Favorites category where you can see all the models that you selected over time. Each category comes with multiple subcategories, like tags and of course there is also an advanced search filtering available.

From my perspective most of the Visit-X webcam models seems to be independent, amateur performers working from their home. There are probably some working from studios as well, but overall speaking their number seems to be less in comparison. This affirmation is based on two factors, first being the overall feel of the online models, their pictures, videos, decoration etc.. that seems to be created by themselves and second, there isn’t a clear way for studios to register, a dedicated page for studios and so on.

I’ve joined several live videochat rooms, paid private shows and all the models were friendly and quick to respond, most of them welcomed me in German language but they quickly switch it to English when they saw my reply.

Also it’s important to know that there are many live performers available for FREE VIDEO CHAT Preview for the VIP members. Without a VIP membership you won’t be able to see their live stream. Also vast majority is tagged with HD, but is more like High Quality not really HD, this is common on most adult cam sites, but the overall streams quality is more than acceptable.

During an entire week I probably browsed several hundreds of chathost profiles, especially in Girls category, watching their pictures and presentation videos and I can say that there are many gorgeous, unique and sexy cam babes, bombshell type. Unique in the sense that I didn’t recognize any girl from other cam sites, which tells me that probably most of them are really dedicated to Visit-X, broadcasting only on this platform.

Free and Membership features

I already mentioned several times in this review that Visit-X live sex community is build more like a Private Club, a classy and classic one in the same time. With that being said, you won’t find here the FREE stuff you are used with from Free Live Cams based platforms. To get access to many goodies first you have to buy at-least a VIP membership, that cost 9.95€ per month, this will unlock many features, including being able to video chat with most of the online models. Without credits or VIP you can only TEXT CHAT.

Free features

  • As a regular visitor, you get to see the list of online models, you can view models profiles with some limitations, you can browse the categories and use some of the sorting options but in the rest you will be prompted to login or create a member account.
  • To create a member account is completely free and it will unlock some of the features, like being able to see some of the free pictures provided by models, you can also chat with them by simple text, see the recorded videos that are not tagged with VIP, you can add models to your favorites, adding notes, use advance filtering, view News page which I find really interesting as it’s like a recent activity calender, you’ll see what I mean once you access the News page. With a FREE registration you will also receive a GIFT, a VIP video of your choice. It’s also possible to use your Facebook or Google account to login.
  • Free SMS notifications for online status of your favorite models, if you are located in specific countries like Germany, Holland etc. There are also extra settings available to control days and times to receive these sms. There are also other types of notifications available, by email, in site popups and newsletters, each of it can be enabled/disabled according to your preferences. To access these features check out Settings page from the Visit-x left side menu.
  • View history of all chats, recent visited performers.
  • Free member profile page – where you can add a profile picture for your member account plus a multitude of information that can be seen by models, these details will help models to know more about you and better understand your sexual preferences.
  • Cam2Cam is a free option in paid videochat sessions.
  • Watch Visit-X TV – it requires free membership.

VIP Features – 9.95€ per month

  • Free live videochat preview – basically you will be able to access the video chat area of any live chat host that enabled the preview and trust me there are many.
  • You can write unlimited offline messages (emails) to any amateur broadcaster.
  • Get access to photos and videos that are tagged with VIP.
  • Add pictures and videos in a favorites list.
  • Get access to special Events organized for VIP’s only.

Other paid features

  • To access any VIDEOCHAT area you have to pay a per minute rate, unless you have VIP access for live preview. Check the Prices chapter of Visit-X review for more details.
  • In most cases you pay extra for a single chat that means not other customer can join that videochat session, this option becomes visible once you are already in a paid session and model has to accept your request.
  • Send Chat Dollars to models (Tips), 1 Chat Dollar = 1€, also when writing an offline message to a model you can send her online tips in the for of a virtual Rose or Chocolate.
  • You can use your credits to buy content provided by each model, photos or videos. See the Private shop tab visible in bio pages.
  • Visit-x fan shop – from where you can purchase various products, like t-shirts, bags and other accessories.

Prices & Packages & Payment options

As Visit-X it’s a European adult cams website, they are using Euros (€) as main currency, even if you are from a country like USA there is no conversion available, you’ll see the prices in € for each model as well as for credit packages, VIP membership and so on.

Visit-X does not provide a filter to sort the online webcam perfomers by their price per minute, you will have to check each model profile to find out the costs for a private VIDEO CHAT session or Voyeur Chat.

The lowest price per minute that I was able to find while browsing trought the live chathosts list, was 1,79€ (~ $2.00), gennerally speaking the new models have a cheaper rate per minute, probably in order to attract more customers till they reach a higher visibility on the website. You can sort the online models to show the new ones using the “New Amateurs” link from top-left menu.

At the opposite pole I saw live chat models with a rate per minute around 3.49€ (~ 3.90$), however these were rare cases, the average per minute fee being somewhere around 1,89€ – 1.99€. Usually the VisitX models will set a lower value for the VOYEUR Chat and it’s normal, as the customer can only see the live video stream anonimously with this option, without being able to communicate with the performer.

Once you join a paid video chat show, in the case you want complete privacy, you can request from the model a “Single Chat”, see the right menu button links, however the rate per minute might be higher and also the model has to give her approval for it.

A VIP membership, that personally I highly recommend it especially in order to get to see the Live Preview, plus several other benefits, will cost you at the time of this review 9.95€ per month (~ $11).

Other options or areas that comes with a cost are the models Private shops where picture galleries and videos can be purchased, with a per gallery or per video cost.

When it comes to credit packages available via credit card for all countries or other payment methods, the smallest credit amount starts at 25€ and it goes up to 150€ (25, 50, 75, 150).

There are a multitude of payment options, however only credit card (Visa and Mastercard) and Bitcoin seems to be avaible for everyone, the other solutions looks to be accesible only in some countries. You’ll see additional details in the payment page. You could also ask their support in the case you are living in some exotic location and you aren’t sure.

Other methods offered by Visit-X but limited to certain countries are the following: Direct Bank Transfer – Sofort, Paysafecard, Regular Bank Transfer, GiroPay, EPS (Austria only), Instant Access via land of mobile phone (check country availibility) and Direct Debit.

VisitX ensure their customers that the payments are secure, certified, transparent and with anonymous neutral texts as transactions info.


Visit-x Customers Support

Customer support it’s available on VisitX by email and phone. Various phone numbers are provided for multiple countries like: USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands etc. Support team on Visit-X it’s not available 24/7, here is their schedule:

Monday – Thursday (CEST) 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Friday (CEST) 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Live Chat support it’s also offered during same intervals, when available you’ll notice a red box in the bottom-right corner of your browser window.


Pros and Cons

I find it amazing and I see it as a strong point the fact that Visit-X sex cams platform was able to resist and even flourish in present market keeping the classic ways. Running things more like a Private Club will attract a certain type of customers that are looking for places that aren’t very noisy and Visit-X.net can certainly offer an intimate atmosphere. This concept it’s also offering an extra layer of protection for models and from a business point of view a lot of costs are saved, with bandwidth, servers and so on.


  • Large number of Western European amateur cam girls, many German models
  • Impressive collection of offline content like pictures and recorded videos, both free, with VIP access or paid
  • Most of the chat-hosts profile pages are very detailed
  • Even thought the desktop interface looks too classic it has most of the important modern features that you would expect from a cam site
  • Fast loading pages, mobile friendly responsive interface that can also be used on desktop computers in case you would prefer a modern look, larger live models thumbs etc.

*Cons(Or better said, things would be nice to see in the future)

  • In English desktop version of the website and probably in other languages as well, there are still several areas where texts appear in German language. Thanks God to Google translate. Mobile version doesn’t have this issue, but it’s also a simplified interface, not all features being available.
  • Price per minute display in the desktop version, it’s using a very small font size that could easily be missed especially for new customers.
  • All prices are in Euros, would be nice to show the values in other currencies as well depending on customer country.
  • Live Chat window is kind of small, it’s easy to re-size it by dragging the browser window corners and the video area will increase as well, but I think there will be many new customers not figure out fast enough.

Visit-X Conclusion

With more than 17 years of experience in adult sex cams entertainment world, with over 6 millions satisfied customers, Visit-X is that classy and classic Private Club that you should check out often. Thousands of amateur videochat performers, German, Dutch, French and for other countries as well, are waiting for their next horny visitors.


Right from the start, I would like to say about Visit-X, that it’s the German pearl of adult live cams industry, with over 15 years of presence in the market. An old school, sex cams zone, that is build more like a Private Club, full of Western European hotties, German, Dutch models and other nationalities as well.

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