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  • Multilingual
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  • Events
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  • HD Webcams
  • Mobile Friendly

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  • Tips
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Streamate Introduction & History

Streamate emerged in the adult live cams industry back in 2003, in a period when many Free Chat to Private Show cam sites were struggling to grow with this new concept of Free Live Cams Preview. Till that point majority of existing live cams networks were running a system where every customer would have had to pay in order to see any live cam, only text chat was free and not on all platforms. There was a struggle also to find open minded performers, willing to show themselves for free, back than the video chat activity was still illegal or seen as prostitution in many of the countries that currently are providing tens of thousands of live models. Back than models from these countries especially Eastern Europeans and Russian performers, were afraid to show themselves in free area of cam sites or there were appearing without showing the face. However even with all the obstacles, there were a few webcam sites, that managed to find solutions and popularize the concept of free to private live cams.

Today Streamate it’s one of the live cams entertainment GIANTS, with over 1200 online broadcasters at any moment and over 2000 during peak hours. The diversity and balance between models location it’s impressive as well, there are USA, Canadian, Australian, European, Latin American, Asian, African live performers, probably more than 10,000 models going online during a day from all over the world. It’s also possible to see the real country of each chathost, even as a regular visitor, without a member account, an important feature in my opinion, but sensitive as well, considering that there are still many models out there not eager to share their real country. It’s not only related to privacy of models, but also due to beliefs like they can get more customers from a particular country if the model would say she/he reside in the same country. Also I remember that when this feature was announced somewhere between 2009-2010, there were many unsatisfied models because display of real country would put them in sensitive situations in relation with their regular customers that were told about a different location. For a period was possible for models to pick a fake country, after that a country that is close to their real location. I even know cases of popular models that moved to a different country to be sure they’ll have same visibility and also to not have to justify the “new” location.

For years Streamate was kind of restrictive with Models and Studios registration from some countries, especially Eastern European, South American and Asian ones, even after after a successful registration, the slightest mistake would have lead into getting them banned from the network. I always thought this kind of strict management it’s keeping the Streamate network to unleash their real potential and looks like I was right, because somewhere in 2010-2011 I could clearly see a huge positive change that translated into open doors for every model, regardless their location, easier registration, better support and so on. After these changes and also some improvements in marketing strategies, new layout etc, Streamate basically exploded and as I already said, today it’s one of the best live sex cams network.

Streamate it’s also known for delivering one of the most popular whitelabels system, bassically you may jump into a Streamate clone at every step you take into adult related websites, most of the big porn tube sites are also featuring a Streamate clone in thier Live Sex Cams section. Just to mention a few of these clones: cam.com, camhd.com, sexycams.com, hotcams.com, freewebcam.com and many many others.

During their activity Streamate also aquired smaller live cams network in order to consolidate their position, an example would be the aquisition of PrivateFeeds network that was quite popular in the 2000s.

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Streamate Interface and UX

Over the years, Streamate was powered by several different interfaces, there were 3 or 4 as far as I remember, constantly improving and adapting to the new web technologies and practices. Currently the website feature a state of the art, smooth and fully responsive layout that has the focus on the live models and various filters and sorting options.

Instead of classic categories that are used by many popular live sex chat platforms, Streamate is using more like a TAGS based categories where a model can appear in multiple filters. In the primary left menu, the models are first sorted by gender Girls and Guys, each on it’s own tab. Each Gender Category comes with many tags listed in alphabetical order, subcategories like: Anal Sex, Asian, Babes, Blonde, Teen 18+, Smoking etc there are 30+ of such tags for Girls and around 20+ for Guys. In case you wonder where the Shemales are, you will find Transgender and Transsexual tags under Girls tab. The third tab of this menu is dedicated to Recent visited models list. In the Advanced Search you will find additional tabs like Trans and Couples/Group with extra filters based on sexual orientation, fetishes, body type, eye and hair color and so on. Advanced Search box can be accessed from the top right side of the page, right near the Search option.

The Streamate search function is capable to seek information also in the models profiles and probably their room custom status which makes it very useful into finding particular things that are not covered by the tags or filters.

There are also various useful sorting mechanisms that allow any visitor to either sort the online models by various features like: HD Cams, Audio, Phone and so on or by Models Region and Languages they can speak in the Live Chat Room.

For the live models list Streamate uses medium size thumbs with the option to switch between three predefined thumbnail sizes: small, medium and large. At the bottom of live models entry you can also choose how many models to be listed per page with options starting from 20 and up to 100 models per page. In the same area there is also the pagination. With a free member account you can also see a preview of the live chat room on mouse over each thumb, but you have to enable this feature that will appear with an on/off switch near the “THUMNAIL SIZE” entry.

On each live model thumb you will find the following information: Chat type (Online, Party Chat or Gold Show), Model NickName, Country, Age, Short Chat Room description and Model Rating (up to 5 stars).

The Streamate cam site it’s available in eight (8) languages, the system doesn’t seems to automatically load user language, based on IP or browser language, default one being English of course, however it’s easy to pick another language from the top menu. Most of European Visitors will definitely prefer to have the interface in their native tongue. Beside English the following are available as well: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese and Swedish.

From the top menu you can also access various other pages of the website like New Models page, Calendar, Contest and Support Page. From what I know any new registered model is kept for 1-2 months period in the New Models page as well, to give them a chance for more visibility. It’s a good feature for existing customers as well to quickly find fresh new faces also because generally speaking the new models practice a lower rate per minute. Calender page display a list with live cams events for the next four weeks, the events are usually various sex cam shows featuring very popular Streamate models or Porn Stars. Contest link will appear in the top menu only if a Contest is in progress, the text link will also have a green light indicator when it’s active, for example at the date of this review there was a Halloween contest for models and they were ranked based on their revenues.

In the footer menu you will find similar links as well as additional ones like FAQ, About Us, Streamate Affiliate Program or link to register as a Model. Legal and Terms related links are also in the footer.

The mobile interface even if simplified it has the important elements, it’s also fast, intuitive and easy to navigate. For the mobile live chat room, you won’t have many of the options that are available for Desktop and in a way it’s normal for a much smaller screen size it’s important to keep the focus on what matters most like the live stream and chat. However would have been nice to have at-least a link or a way to see the bio information of models, I wasn’t able to find such option when accessing the website from an Iphone 6, however it might depend also on device resolution, browser used etc. For tablets like Ipad for example the Live Chat Room comes with more functions, including bio page information. Streamate also recommends B-line app for a better experience, including HD video stream. B-line app seems to be available only in the Apple store at the time of this review.

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Streamate Live Chat Room

Once you get nice and comfortable with Streamate and you choose one model to spend quality time with, the live streaming from the model’s camera is impressive and the menu is very easy to use. Most performers have HD webcams, so watching them will be an absolute pleasure, since HD or HD Ready is starting to become the standard nowadays in videochat industry. The menu under the live image can let you change the quality of the video, mute the sound or get it to the max, and choose between different sizes of the video window. You also have the “GIVE GOLD” button to express your satisfaction. Gold is like a Tip, the way Streamate describe it, it’s a type of currency, 1 Gold being equivalent to 1 unit of member currency ie: 1$, 1€, 1£ etc. It can also be used to pay for joining a Gold Show. Right next to it is the “Enter my private live show” button which will get you to a place full of fantasies. More about the Private Show features you’ll find later in the review. The text area also has a menu from where you can change the size, the color and the font type. You can also use emoticons and choose to hide your text from the other viewers. Right above the live feed you can find information about the model, along with pictures and videos, members comments and model’s schedule. Very useful information can be found here if you want to know more about the model if you don’t want to get in contact in the chat area or the model is offline: age, preferences, appearance details, spoken languages, details about the quality of the video and other features. Many models have impressive photos and videos collections.


You will also notice a widget that display a list with similar online models, also an option to show the other customers in the chat room (only for the Party Chat and Gold Show type of communication – read on for the description of various chat types on Streamate) and not at last a help button that will pop a list with common questions and answers related to Live Chat functions and usability.

Streamate feature various types of live chat, while you browse the online models list, you’ll notice different indicators in the bottom side of each model live thumb, at the date of this review there were 3 types of chat: Online, Party Chat (green background indicator) and Gold Show (yellow background color indicator). Bellow I’ll explain what each of it means:

Online – Model is live, anyone can access the chat room, visitor or customer, you can text chat, but you won’t be able to see what other members are typing or how many other customers are in the chat room. You will also be able to see the model if she/he is not in a private session.

Party Chat – Multiple customers can engage in conversation with the model and they are able to see each other texts, unless if the option to make the text invisible for others is selected in the Live Chat Room (see the “eye” like button). You are also able to see a list with all members present in the chat.


Gold Show – this is kind of similar with the Party Chat in the way that you can see other members present in the chat room and also what they type is visible, unless they choose to enable go send invisible texts to model. While in Gold Show a model is preparing for a kind of group show where multiple members can join by paying a certain entry fee established by the model. I’ll present more details about Gold Shows later in this review.

WanessaLove getting ready to perform a steamy live Gold Show on Streamate


For the cases when a model it’s in a Private Show session or she’s performing a Gold Show you’ll be notified by the system upon entering or while being present in the Chat Room.

As I said earlier there are 3 sizes for the Live Video window, big one being very generous, however if you’re looking for full screen option, this feature is available only for paid video chat sessions.

I like the fact, that the feature to reduce or increase video quality is available for everyone, simple visitors or customers, at-least in the desktop version of the website.

While many people might look for the HD Cams, it’s a known fact that there are still many areas in the world were broadband internet connections aren’t available, for these type of users being able to reduce the video quality in order to get a steady, non freezing live stream, it’s a bless. In my opinion more cam sites should introduce this option. Most of the streams are 720p meaning 1280×720 video resolution, that’s HD ready and you’ll be able to get a crystal clear image for most models broadcasting in HD. I saw even higher than that like 800p, 896p etc, but most of the models are in 720p, the other 2 options to reduce quality being: 368p and 144p.

As of February 2017Streamate implemented a new Live Chat design for the end users, it’s simplified and responsive, there are no more options for users to resize the video chat box, as it’s managed automatically depending on the size of your browser window. Regarding the text chat box, for now only Smiles and Private text are available, option to increase/decrese font size as well as changing the font and color are missing.

Here it’s how the new live video chat room it’s looking in February 2017:


Another fact that I appreciated it’s that all important information about a model it’s on the same page, you can check everything in any model profile page without having to leave the Live Chat Room.

About Streamate Models

mpressive number of online models and diversity are the primary words, I visited the website very often especially during the review, at different hours, I never saw less than 1000 models online and I often noticed especially during peak hours more than 2000 live cam performers. Imagine that for 2000 live chat rooms, hypothetically speaking if you check each model stream for 1 minute, you’ll need 33.33 hours continuous browsing to finish, however that’s impossible considering that each minute a significant number of performers will go offline while others will connect live, not to talk about the number of coffee cups you’ll have to drink to stay awake almost one day and a half. There are probably more than 10,000 models going live every single day, virtually from any region of this planet, except maybe Antarctica. .

Streamate live models may range from attractive amateur cam girls, mesmeric studio video chat models, experienced and sexy live porn stars to handsome gay and straight male performers, horny couples male/female or lesbians, gay couples or group shows, Transgender or Transsexual. Young or Mature, from 18 to 65+ years old, from Skinny to BBW, from small tits to huge breasts, from shaved to hairy pussy, from regular virtual sex to extreme fetish lovers, I’ll probably need several pages just to list the wide variety of live sex chat models available on Streamate, but I’m sure you got the point.

Related to communicativeness aspect, of course that you’ll get more attention if you create a member account, it’s free but with card verification, however there are plenty of sexy live webcam hosts that will engage in conversations with anyone, including guests. A guest it’s a regular visitor, not logged in his account or without one.

Another important point is that Streamate models can broadcast Topless even in the Free Chat area of the website, however showing intimate parts like vagina or penis it’s only for private areas of Streamate. Female Models can also be encouraged to show their beautiful breasts by giving them GOLD (tips), of course that for this action you’ll need a customer account with credits.

Free and Membership features

I won’t brag too much about the multitude of features that can be found on Streamate platform, you can image that after more than a decade of being one of the sex webcams industry TOP CAM sites, with countless of Awards and millions of satisfied people (customers, models, affiliates), the features are guaranteed to be top-notch, so I’ll go straight into listing the Free and Membership or Premium features.

Free Features

  • Membership is free but with credit, debit, prepaid or gift card verification.
  • Access to any live chat room it’s free, you can view any model available in a free video chat session, audio it’s also available on most of the cases, 2 way text chat with possibility to keep your messages private for the eyes of other users that might be present in the chat room. Text chat even if it’s free, you’ll get annoyed by a sign-up/log-in pop-up box, each time you hit enter or send button, it’s the Streamate way to convince guests to go with the benefits of a Free membership.
  • A multitude of Models categories to pick from for both Girls and Guys.
  • A variety of text formatting options also smiles that can be used for free, even for guests, things like changing font type, style, color, increase/decrease global text size. (not available anymore in the new live chat that was introduced in 2017 February)
  • Add models to favorites and you can also receive notifications by SMS or E-mail when your favorite performers are connecting online.
  • Free to view performers bio pages, free pictures and videos that generally speaking are of high quality.
  • Free to use Advanced Search that comes with tons of additional filters that can be used on top of regular category option.
  • Send internal messages to any model, where it’s possible also to attach files, like a photo for example.

Membership Features

  • Once you load credits into your verified Streamate Account, you bassically are able to access various type of shows like: Regular or Exclusive Private Show, Party Chat and Gold Show. Prices for regular and exclusive private shows are kind of high in comparison with other cam sites, however you have the other options Party and Gold Shows where you can get a better deal for a nude live sex show.
  • While in a SHOW you are also able to send your webcam – Cam2Cam, you can also send your Audio stream or call the model via your phone. When exiting from the private room you can rate the performer and leave a comment.
  • Looks like the member is charged only if it spends more than 1 minute in the private sex chat room, this is great because you can check any model erotic performance and decide if you like it or not.
  • You can pay for premium pictures and videos where it’s available, you can easily check bellow each live stream, in the same area with Bio page tabs
  • Daily events featuring porn stars or famous chat models, just check the Calendar page.

Prices & Packages & Payment options

The prices vary from model to model and one can find models that perform for a very acceptable amount per minute and really expensive ones. An average price can be $2.99/minute, yet you can find models broadcasting private shows at $0.99/minute, also at $9.99/minute. You can take advantage of the “Gold Show” feature or Party Chat and pay an acceptable price for an amazing show. The viewers work as a team with this feature and they gather an amount together, an amount that the model sets as a goal. The payment options can vary from country to country and you will be instructed what to do in order to be able to pay for the private shows.


Streamate Customers Support

You can contact Streamate by email, by phone or, if you have a more urgent matter, you can use the Live Support. Streamate also offer phone support by country with phone numbers available for USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom and All Other Countries.

Pros and Cons

There are a lot of adult videochat sites out there and that means diversity which translates into more solution for different demands. Of course there are people out there that have other favorite sites and people that absolutely prefer Streamate. It’s great that the regular surfer can watch the models in the free area and are able to watch free pictures and videos. The quality of the webcams is impressive and the number of online models is one of the highest amongst adult videochat sites.

What is an inconvenient for some people, can be a normal thing for others and everything is actually a matter of perspective. One is free to find what platform best suits his/her needs. What is important is that all sites tend to address to a larger mass of people and making things entertaining and easy to use.


  • A high variety of online models, with an average of 1500 performers online and at the peak hours there are often over 2000 live chat hosts
  • Easy to use interface, fast responding pages
  • Tons of filter to ease your search for the type of performers you seek
  • Most of the rooms are streaming in HD quality
  • Dedicated page for New Models
  • Full access to Models Bio page + Free Pictures + Free Videos on some models

*Cons(Or better said, things would be nice to see in the future)

  • Some of the Models practice a very expensive price, fortunately if you can’t afford there also many alternatives.
  • In the new Live Text Chat area there some nice options that are missing, like increase/decrease font, change font type and color etc. Maybe it will be added near the future.
  • Due to the fact that Streamate don’t allow guests to write, most of the chat rooms will look empty, with no activity. While it may have some advantages, it may also be considered boring by some.
  • Daily spending limit as it’s set to a relatively low value, might be considered an inconvenient for some, of course it’s possible to raise the limit but you have to contact Live Support or email Streamate support.

Streamate Conclusion

Streamate is one of those sites that give you a great experience overall. The interface is easy to use with a nice design and smooth navigation. Plenty to choose from with the thousands of models online and cam features that can guarantee you a great show. Quality is very good, just like the other top sites – high-definition webcams are a must nowadays. Take a tour and see what it has to offer for free and what it has to give to the paying member.


Do you have anything to add about Streamate? Did we forgot something important? Was your experience with Streamate different? Don’t hesitate to share with us your opinions. Leave your Rating and/or Comments bellow..


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